Sidescan Compass

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Oceanic Side Scan Compass

Find your way with the Oceanic Side Scan Compass. This portable compass has been designed for reliable underwater navigation and incorporates the renowned Oceanic Compass which is hard to beat. This compact instrument has a large face with extremely easy to read bearing indicators even in murky low viz environments. The Oceanic Compass makes the task of navigating simple and easy so you can forget annoying and tiresome long surface swims back to the boat after your dives. 

For night time dives the Oceanic Compass has the intelligent Oceanic bright OceanGlo luminescent back lighting making it easy and clear to read even in the dark. The compass has Southern Hemisphere calibration and the floating card needle will make quick work of any navigation task you require. The design of this compass and been focused on being easy to read and easy to use even in cold water when wearing thick neoprene gloves. 

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