RA Scorpia Evo Fins

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Vendor: Rob Allen

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Rob Allen Scorpia Evo Fins

The Rob Allen Scorpia Evo Fins are one of the best fitting, most durable freediving fins available today. These new evolution Fins feature a fixed blade design and give all of the power and performance of a much higher priced fin but at a much more affordable price tag. 

The Rob Allen Scorpia Evo Fins have a fully moulded rubber foot pocket for superior comfort and have been especially engineered to prevent over flexing. This attention to detail means that with each stroke of the fins you will experience a superior transmission of leg energy to the fin blade and more power and ease of movement through the water. The blade itself is purpose softened to allow for the blade to channel the water as it moves over the blade which creates optimum water transferal and less fatigue allowing you to stay in the water doing what you love for much longer.

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