OceanPro Deluxe Reg Bag

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Ocean Pro Deluxe Regulator Bag

With the Ocean Pro Deluxe Reg Bag you can now give your regulators the comfort and luxury they truly deserve to be stored in. This high end regulator bag has been carefully designed to safely house all brands of diving regulators and offers the most convenient storage solution possible for those who love to dive and love to look after their life support gear. In addition, thanks to the extra pockets you can also carry your dive log book, computer manuals and spare batteries as well as your save a dive kit so you'll have all that you need with you wherever you may roam.  

With multiple pockets, carry handles, an adjustable comfort shoulder strap and an easy pull oversized zip tab designed for use with gloves, this bag is easy to get into and out of and can be carried a number of different ways when your on the go. The bag is complemented by high quality materials which provide a luxurious feel and the soft inner lining is gentle on your most precious dive hardware. The Ocean Pro Deluxe Regulator Bag is ideal for the traveling diver and will provide many years of reliable service as well as additional peace of mind in knowing that your life support regulators are safely stored in a padded bag.

The Ocean Pro Deluxe Regulator Bag measures 32cm high by 32cm wide and 9.5cm deep, giving you ample room to store your regs securely inside the elastic inner pocket.

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