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Rob Allen Snapper Mask

The Rob Allen Snapper Mask has been conceived and designed exclusively for spearo's and the conditions that they dive in. The Rob Allen Snapper Mask has been carefully manufactured to provide the spearo with an extremely low volume design and twin, tempered glass lenses that make this mask best suited to hunting reef fish and deep diving. 

The Rob Allen Snapper Mask has a soft, anti-allergenic silicone skirt and a wide, split silicone strap which ensures the diver always receives a superior comfortable fit. This is particularly important for spearo's who like to be out hunting for longer periods of time. The integrated frame, lens and skirt all combine to reduce the mask’s volume and bring the lens closer to the divers face, which also substantially increases your peripheral vision. All of these features combined make this mask highly popular and desirable for spearfishing. 

Thanks to the mask’s hydrodynamic profile and pivot buckles you will also notice a reduction in turbulence when returning to the surface after a deep dive. The easy to operate push button buckles allow for easy, quick strap adjustment with just one hand, even when wearing thick gloves. The Rob Allen Snapper Mask represents a complete revolution in mask design and will serve you very well for many years to come.

The Tinted Lens provide the spearo with three major advantages including cutting out annoying UV surface glare,enhancing the divers vision by enhancing the viewing light spectrum as well as helping to shade your eyes from the fish. 

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