Air Master Plus Lpqd Hose 22 Inch Blk

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OCEANIC Airmaster Plus LP Hose

Airmaster hoses have been designed and developed using a unique technology and producing a hose which is more durable and super soft than a traditional rubber hose. The Airmaster features an external nylon safety braiding and will last more than 3 times longer than a traditional hose. Most importantly, an Airmaster hose will remain kink free, providing continuous air flow even when knotted.

  • Super soft flex increasing freedom underwater
  • More than 30% lighter compared to standard hoses
  • Kink free – airflow cannot be obstructed
  • Abrasion resistant – no nicks or cuts
  • UV resistant safety braid
  • Longer life span than traditional hoses
  • Available in regulator & BC inflator hoses
  • Operating pressure of 103 Bar (1500 PSI) more than 3 times a standard hose
  • Bursting pressure of 482 bar (7000 PSI) more than 3 times that of a standard hose.
  • SGS bursting test approved
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