Air XS 2

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Oceanic Air XS2 Octopus/Inflator


The Oceanic Air XS2 Octopus/Inflator is a great product to have to combine you spare air and inflator together to eliminated your occy hose. This cool design combines both products in to one. If you are looking for a new Octopus or what to upgrade your old one, look no further than the Oceanic Air XS2 Octopus/Inflator. It can be attached to any BCD in just minutes. When scuba diving we already have so many things to think about, let alone hoses coming out of our ears, the Air XS2 will allow you to get rid of the spare air hose and have it right where you can see it on your BC inflator hose. Making your gear more compact and lighter for travel, there really is no reason that you wouldn't grab this today. The ergonomic design means the mouthpiece is facing you at all times and can be easily grabbed in an emergency.

Product Features

  • Demand Valve
  • Nitrox Compatible to 40%
  • Braided MiFlex Hose
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easily Installed
  • Suits all Oceanic BCD's

Care Tips

  • Wash in fresh water after every use to remove sand and salt
  • Keep stored away in a safe place
  • Keep in a regulator bag
  • Have serviced each year to maintain safety
  • Keep Dust cap on first stage when not on a tank
  • Do not pick up by first stage when connected to the tank
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