Bridle Kit - 6 Rigged Bridles

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Product type: Spearing Accessories

Vendor: Cressi

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The Cressi Bridle Kit is a great little kit to have on you in your spare parts kit and is use to make up speargun rubbers. The kit consists of 5m constrictor cord, 6 pre made bridles and a metal T-Tool which is enough to make up 6 new rubbers. All you need to purchase is the rubber and off you go, no need to go home and have someone else make your rubber when you can do it yourself in the boat if your rubber was to break whilst out diving. There is nothing worse than having to cut your dive short due a rubber breaking, what a waste of a day out in the boat really. With the Bridal Kit, you will never have to worry again. Keeping bulk rubber is also important as this is the main product so keeping them in the freezer until you need to use them is a great way to slow down the perishing process.

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