Deluxe float line

Collections: Reels, Floats & Lines, Spearfishing, Spearing Accessories

Product type: Spearing Accessories

Vendor: Sterling

Tags: Reels Floats and Float Lines, Spearfishing Accessories, Speargun Rigging



Cressi’s deluxe float rope is constructed of a 10mm diameter opaque blue outer core to limit the visibility of the rope underwater as much as possible. The core of the rope is constructed of a 3mm Dyneema, where internal empty space is intended to provide positive buoyancy to the line so that it will float. The rope comes with a speed spike and a shark clip. The ends have been shriveled and shrunk. This type of float line is perfect for spearo's moving into hunting larger game.

Available in 4 different lengths 10m, 15m, 20m and 30m.

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