Blend 3D Camo -3.5mm Wetsuit

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The Salvimar Blend 3.5mm two-piece wetsuit is perfectly designed for spearfishing and freediving. Employing a patchy-green camouflage design, constructed from an outer Super-Flex Neoprene and an inner open cell neoprene for heat retention, this suit design strives for high performance.

The fit of the suit is enhanced due to the anatomical preformed cut. To further the effectiveness of the fit, double adjustable button crotch closing fasteners have been included to ensure the security of the suit whilst diving.

To reduce loss of heat due to seals, the hood has been attached to the suits top. Maximum overlap between the two suit components also aims to offer better water sealing properties and thermal retention.

PUFFGUM padding reinforcements have been included at high wear points at the knee and elbows to limit damage to the suit and provide comfort to the diver in all situations. The Sternum has also been reinforced for ease of loading.

The seams of the suit also add to the level of thermal retention and durability, using a glued and sewn construction.

At the edges of the suit material at the hood, wrists, ankles and jacket bottom, the material has been taped and sewn to add strength

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