RA Marseille Weight Belt

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Rob Allen Marseillaise Weight Belt

Designed to last and ensure maximum comfort to the diver the Rob Allen Marseillaise Weight Belt is the safest of all of the freediving belts. The belt has been manufactured to be easy to operate and quick to ditch in an emergency. 

This weight belt features a thermo plastic rubber which adjusts to the compression of your wetsuit at depth so that the belt can no longer slip down off your hips as well as ensuring that the buckle can not slide around the back of your body. 

Manufactured with a rust proof stainless steel buckle the belt features small diameter holes and the stainless steel pin flicks 90 degrees to the belt on release so that the chance of the buckle re-engaging on release is eliminated. The roller buckle, while always releasing on demand, will not accidentally open when dragged past rocks or the gunnel of a boat either.

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