16mm Red Gun Rubber OZ

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Vendor: ReefLine

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Ocean Hunter Oz Gun Rubbers are manufactured from genuine latex rubber which is formed using a rubber extrusion process where the inner and the outer layers are carbon impregnated. This high tech process is designed to extend the life of natural latex, enhancing the physical properties and offering more than 1000% elasticity. In addition, the Ocean Hunter Oz Gun Rubbers offer superior elongation and better performance than other similar substitutes.


Each Ocean Hunter Oz Gun Rubber also includes durable thermo plastic screw end ferrules for easy installations and an integrated stainless steel wire bridle for long life. This wire bridle has been especially designed to reduce fatigue and extend the life of the rubber. The use of the black latex rubber offers superior UV resistance to amber coloured rubbers and provides a longer working life than other cheaper brands and the colour coded lengths provide for easy identification when you need to replace them.


These rubbers will easily fit multiple brands of spearguns including: Ocean Hunter, Omer, Mares, Cressi, Sea Hornet, Undersea and many others. Replacing your speargun rubbers is made extremely easy by simply unscrewing the bridle, sliding the rubber through the guns muzzle, re-screwing the rubbers bridle and you're ready to shoot

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