Ara EBS Fins

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Compact and lightweight Cressi Ara EBS Fins are equipped with slightly curved Polypropylene hi-Tec Solid Blade and Proper Channels. Small powerful ridges on both sides of Cressi Fins deliver exceptional performance. Designed for technical divers, instructors, and professionals, these feature rich fins have Personalized Foot-Pocket, Ample Slot, and Corded Round Bungee Heel Strap. With ergonomic design, these Cressi Ara EBS Fins are very comfortable and ensure exceptional stability.

Technical Specs:

  • Improved Super Quality Curved Blade
  • Perfect to Wear With All Types Of Boots
  • Polypropylene Hi-Tec Blade Material
  • Proper Channels
  • Extremely Durable & Lightweight Plastic
  • Exceptional Quality Dive Fin
  • Make Every Kick More Powerful
  • Great Work Ratio
  • Thermos Rubber Comfortable And Customizable Foot Pocket
  • No Adjustments Required
  • Easy Doffing & Donning
  • Large Size Grip Tab Loop
  • Plastic Buckle & Elasticized Bungee Mechanism
  • Comes with Two Different Blades: Soft Blade & Hard Blade
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