Atlantis 3D Camo -1.5mm Wetsuit

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The Salvimar Atlantis 3D Camo Wetsuit is a great blue water spearfishing wetsuit utilizing the highly regarded Salvimar Atlantis 3D Camo pattern design that has been specifically designed to help you to blend into your hunting environment and improve your hunting stealth which means, more fish. The Salvimar Atlantis 3D Camo Wetsuit features a 2 piece, high waisted long john and jacket set up with a Black Hyper Stretch lining inside and a camo lining outside exterior. The Salvimar Atlantis 3D Camo Wetsuit has also been designed with a special preformed ergo fit cut for maximum comfort to the diver at all times and the suit includes the hooded jacket which has a secure adjustable beaver tail closure system ensuring that it will not ride up on you when your in the water. In addition, the arms and the knees of this suit have a unique and highly protective Puff Gum reinforcements to improve the life and durability of this very comfortable suit. Salvimar certainly knew what they wanted to achieve with this suit when they designed it and the have definitely hit the mark

Thickness: 1.5mm

  • Neoprene: Internal Black Hyper Stretch interior lining with elastic Atlantis 3D camouflage lining exterior
  • Design: Two piece wetsuit with high waist long john and a hooded jacket
  • Salvimar Atlantis 3D camouflage is very effective and improves the spearos ability to blend in with their hunting environment
  • Adjustable beaver tail closure system prevents the jacket from riding up
  • Strong Puff Gum reinforcements on knees and elbows for improved durability and maximum life
  • Preformed ergo fit cut for maximum comfort to the diver at all times
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