Boomblast Dynamic Fins

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Vendor: Salvimar

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An idea and a realization of the entire Italian for a flagship product in the world of spearfishing and freediving pure. A superb product with the amazing performance, made possible thanks to the support and experience of a leading company in the manufacture of composite materials that believed in the project and developed it together with us. High-tech materials and workmanship at the forefront, make the blade Boomblast DYNAMIC as a compact sheet steel, thin and responsive like a spring.

A massive effort was made to calibrate the material to obtain the correct bending curve and the more powerful elastic return, all in a foil of less than a millimeter thick. Made of carbon fiber blends Pre-Peg TW-K03 high modulus and polymerized at high pressures mechanically, it reaches a degree of structural compactness without equal.

The new shoe DELTA-ONE is created with an innovative system that combines the use of thermoset rubber and fabric in a special composition in layers. Careful studies have led to obtain a product of exceptional comfort combined with a perfect resistance to deformation even when the shoe is subjected to great stress. The angle between the shoe and the blade is 22 ° for a perfect power stroke.

- Adaptive curvature 
- K-Reinforced Footpocket
- Carbon Fibre
- Interchangeable Blades
- Steady Plug
- Water Canalization

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