Cobia Camo Hooded Top

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The Cressi Cobia Lycra Hooded Top is the ultimate rash guard that features a chest and back area completely made in 1 mm premium neoprene to provide extra warmth. It’s hooded for protection and to keep the head warm. The Lycra Hooded Top can be worn for layering under a wetsuit to give more warmth and protection. Can be used in any water sports, from windsurfing to scuba diving. Thumb loops prevent sleeve ride up when worn under a wetsuit. The Cobia Rash Guard has an additional loading pad on the chest for comfort when loading a spear gun while on the hunt. All seams are flat-lock stitched for added comfort when worn under a wetsuit. The Cobia has a SPF50 sun protection rating as well as protection from marine stingers. Cressi Cobia Lycra Hooded Top is available in multiple sizes.

Features of the Cressi Cobia Lycra Hooded Top

  • Cressi Cobia Rash Guard:
  • Ultimate Rash Guard with an SPF50 rating
  • Chest & Back 1 mm Premium Neoprene to Provide Extra Warmth
  • Hooded for Protection & Keeping Head Warm
  • Wear for Layering Under Wetsuit for Added Warmth
  • Can-Be-Used-In-Any Water Sport, from Windsurfing to Scuba Diving
  • Thumb Loops Prevent Ride Up when Worn Under Wetsuit
  • Chest loading pad for Comfort when Loading Speargun
  • Seams: Flat-Lock Stitched
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

Cressi Size Chart available in product photos

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