Dive Alert Plus V2 Type II

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Product type: BCD Accessories

Vendor: Miscellaneous

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Key Features

  • Surface and Underwater Signaling Device
  • On the surface a blast of sound that can be heard up to 1.6 kms away
  • Great for getting your buddy's attention underwater
  • Attaches between the power inflator and LP hose
  • Installation is easy and takes only a moment
  • Specially designed, small, lightweight air horn
  • Uses a small amount of air from your SCUBA tank to make a piercingly loud sound

DV2 - DiveAlert PLUS compatible with the Aeris Air Link, Oceanic Air XS, Mares AirControl, Zeagle Octo+, Aqualung Air Mic, Seaquest Air Source, Apeks Octo+ or Beuchat Venturi alternate inflation regulator systems.

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