Dyneema Double Bridle OH

Collections: Ocean Hunter, Spearfishing, Spearing Accessories

Product type: Spearing Accessories

Vendor: Ocean Hunter

Tags: Speargun Accessories, Speargun Rigging



The Dyneema Double Bridle is ideal in situations where a return to the boat/shore is either not allowed or too far. The twin Dyneema strands mean that if one breaks, you still have a usable bridle between your rubbers. This makes this bridle perfect for competition environments or for those divers looking for a reliable bridle that has a system in place for long use. 

N.B. When loading, use only one of the two dyneema strands. This causes wear and tear on only one strand, leaving the second in good condition for when the first one breaks. To maximize the usage of this bridle, prevent contact with abrasive edges on your shaft or fastening points.
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