Eyes Evolution Crystal Mask

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Vendor: Cressi

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  • High Seal Crystal Silicone: Offers exceptional comfort with no marks being left on the skin, even after extended use
  • Exclusive Patented Cressi Headband: The double injection of elastomer creates flexibility and endurance
  • Inclined Lenses: Offer outstanding downward visibility, increased by 25% compared to previous models
  • Instantly Adjustable Strap Buckles: Mounted with an indestructible elastic. Can be bent sideways on a 180° curve
  • Skirt Structure: Has internal ribs that stiffen parts of the mask that are most stressed, removing facial pressure
  • Tempered Glass: Provide huge field of vision to give an open and airy experience
  • Suitability: The low internal volume makes it perfect for both snorkeling and scuba diving
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