Hyper Purge Snorkel

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Pelagic Hyper Purge Snorkel

The Pelagic Hyper Purge Snorkel is the perfect freediving and spearfishing snorkel at an affordable price. This snorkel includes a soft silicone mouthpiece for your comfort with the addition of a simple one way purge valve in the base of the snorkel to ensure quick and easy clearing. The Pelagic Hyper Purge Snorkel has been designed to streamline around the divers head, thus minimizing vibration and drag in the water. 

The Pelagic Hyper Purge Snorkel is manufactured from a highly flexible material so that it will flex and give should it accidentally become entangled on your shooting line or your float line. This is also an important advantage for freedivers and spearos who chase crays under reefs because your snorkel can't "jam under" and snag you.

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