isea 5 Iphone Housing

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Turns your phone into an underwater camera

Fits iphone 5 phones 

If you want to keep your iPhone well-protected out on the water, then check out the iSea iPhone Underwater Housing. 

This iPhone housing allows you to take your phone diving and capture images or video! And since you're not using a different camera, you'll be able to upload them straight away to the Internet without having to edit or reformat the footage at all. Now there really is no place you can't take your iPhone! 

Patented vacuum kiss valve Instantly see if the case will leak before you even get in the water! If the housing has any obstructions the vacuum seal with not be made. Most camera housings require you to submerge the housing to view for leakage, which may get your camphone flooded/damaged. Set your camera in either video or camera modes before placing it in the case, then suck on the kiss valve to create a vacuum seal.

Note: Once you dive, the iSea iPhone Underwater Housing cannot switch between video and photo mode on the camera once it is in the case. Decide what type of imaging you’d like to capture before going underwater.

iSea iPhone Underwater Housing Features:

Pressure tested to 66m

Patented vacuum kiss valve

User-friendly case

¼-20 tread on the bottom to attach a hand-held mount 

Stainless steel lanyard attach point aids in image/film footage stability as well as keeping it attached to you at all times

6061 marine-grade aluminium

Anodized and pressure tested

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