Lycra Fin Sock

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The Ocean Pro Lycra Fin Socks

The OceanPro Lycra Fin Socks are a great choice for spearos, freedivers, snorkelers and scuba divers alike.

Wearing these socks will make chafing from wearing full foot fins a thing from the past. Another bonus is that you’ll easily slide into your wetsuit with those socks on. And finally, no more stinger burns or weird tanning lines – the Ocean Pro Lycra Fins Socks provide you with stinger and ultra UV protection as well as added insulation for colder water environment.

As the Ocean Pro Lycra Fin Socks are very light weight, they pack up easily and also dry very fast which helps keeping bacteria and smelly odours at bay. 

Features of the Ocean Pro Lycra Fin Socks:

  • Minimize chafing from wearing full foot fins
  • Stinger Protection
  • Ultra UV protection
  • Added insulation for diving in colder environment
  • Facilitates putting on your wet suit
  • Light weight and fast drying – ideal for travellers
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