Magnetic Occy Holder

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Ocean Pro Magnetic Occy Holder

Never have to deal with a dragging occy regulator again. How many times have you been happily diving along underwater only to find that your occy has accidentally un-clipped and has been dragging through the sand or silt for the last 10 minutes? The Ocean Pro Magnetic Occy Holder will put an end to annoying occy and gauge hose dangling. They have been specially designed to be secured onto the divers scuba air hose.

The Ocean Pro Magnetic Occy Holder will ensure your that your occy or your gauge never come lose again. With a simple Phillips head screw driver the Ocean Pro Magnetic Occy Holder can be quickly fitted to both LP and HP hoses so that you can safely secure both sides of your kit. The best part is that when you need your occy or your gauge most, simply pull and the magnet releases so that they can be easily reached for use. 

The Ocean Pro Magnetic Occy Holder will fit both rubber and braided hoses thanks to the included hose protector.

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