Mask Tamer - Neoprene

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Ocean Pro Mask Tamer - Neoprene

The Ocean Pro Mask Tamer will give you a comfortable dive every time. The Ocean Pro Mask Tamer strap has been designed to help evenly spread the load of your mask strap across the back of your head and enhance your comfort whilst underwater. Manufactured from Neoprene to also ensure an even, non-twisted and padded comfortable strap for the back of the divers head. 

The Ocean Pro Mask Tamer strap is ideal for all divers, snorkelers and spearos and will fit most brands of dive masks. The Ocean Pro Mask Tamer strap is essential for divers with long hair as it eliminates annoying tangles when your hair gets caught on the silicone mask strap. The Ocean Pro Mask Tamer strap will also help give your dive mask some added positive buoyancy, thanks to its neoprene construction, should you ever accidentally drop it in the water which may help prevent accidental loss.

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