Maxflex QD Inflator Hose Air XS

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Product type: BCD Accessories

Vendor: Oceanic

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The Oceanic Maxflex Air XS Quick Disconnect Air XS Inflator Hose has been specifically designed to fit the Oceanic Air XS Inflator/Occy unit. This new version of the hose is now manufactured from a Braided hose which is designed for maximum flexibility and reduced weight, making it ideal for the traveling diver.

This hose is the perfect replacement for divers who may have the older rubber style Air XS Inflator. The hose is compatible with both the Oceanic Air XS and the newer Oceanic Air XS 2 models. This QD inflator hose is available in three different lengths to suit customers different hose requirements. The sizes are 26" / 30" / 32".

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