Mouthpiece Mouldable

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Using a scuba regulator or snorkel presents a problem to some divers that is difficult to overcome.....excessive jaw fatigue due to holding the mouthpiece.  Most scuba mouthpieces have "bite tabs" that require you to hold the mouthpiece in your teeth with a firm grip.  This often causes jaw fatigue and jaw cramps. 
The moudable mouthpiece gives you the opportunity to use a mouthpiece made just for your mouth.  This moldable product was developed by an orthodontist and molds to conform to every turn and angle of your individual teeth and can be easily be molded in a matter of minutes.  You then have a custom dental device that eliminates jaw fatigue forever. 
The unique design allows you to hold your regulator in your mouth using the power of all of your teeth, instead of just a few on a typical bite tab.  Installation and molding is simple. 
Simply submerge the moudable mouthpiece in a pan a warm water to slightly soften the mouthpiece.  Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and bite hard.  In seconds, the mouthpiece forms to every tooth, all at the correct depth and in the correct position.  The mouthpiece has end tabs that can be trimmed very easily with a pair of scissors to fit the depth of you exact dental structure.  The Mouthpiece is then installed on your regulator in place of your existing mouthpiece.  A tie-clamp is provided to secure the mouthpiece to your regulator. 
With a moudable mouthpiece, your regulator will be held in position every time you dive without any fatigue at all. 
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