Multi Purpose Hanger

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Oceanic Multi Purpose Hanger

The Oceanic Mutli Purpose Hanger is ideal for safely hanging your gear on after you've washed it out. This clever hanger can be used two ways thanks to it unique, reversible shoulder arches. Simply set the arches pointing down to use with a wetsuit, or slide the arches out, reverse them, and you can now use the hanger to safely carry your BCD.

The best feature of the Oceanic Multi Purpose hanger when used for a BCD, and the arches are reversed, you no longer need to worry about the BCD accidentally sliding off the hanger. In this setting you can also use the hanger to conveniently hold your regulator (DIN or Yoke), BCD, boots, gloves and much more. The Oceanic Multi Purpose Hanger has been manufactured from a durable, non corroding plastic so there is no change of it rusting out and damaging your gear.

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