Phantom Camo MS Set

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Product type: MS Sets

Vendor: Ocean Hunter

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Ocean Hunter Phantom Camo Set

The Ocean Hunter Phantom Camo Set is a premium quality camouflage mask and snorkel set for a great price.
The form fitting, low volume mask’s skirt is made from liquid silicone and features a quick adjust, streamlined buckle system.
The snorkel is a wide boar J style snorkel with 20mm internal diameter and soft silicone mouthpiece.
It is shaped for a streamlined fit around the diver’s head in order to reduce drag and vibration in the water.
The material is flexible enough to give away if you ever get entangled in line or jammed under rocks while chasing crays.

This mask and snorkel set is perfect for any level of diver. 


  • Heavy duty, premium quality
  • Low volume mask
  • Form fitting
  • Liquid silicone mask skirt
  • Quick adjust streamlined buckle system
  • Wide boar J snorkel
  • 20mm internal diameter
  • Silicone mouthpiece
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