Pioneer 5/7 Male

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The Pioneer suit from Oceanic use only the best materials were used. An example of this is the new, extremely elastic HyFlex Neoprene that offers unparalleled comfort. An integrated, 2mm thick, highly flexible neoprene shirt offers extra insulation. One of the further highlights of the Pioneer diving suit is the double collar that prevents water seeping in almost completely, even with extreme movement.

The seams are finished with a special liquid sealing process to provide durability and eliminate waterflow. The anatomical cut with minimal paneling guarantees hard wearing and is highly watertight. The Pioneer diving suit fits like a second skin.

These features make the Pioneer Diving Suit a versatile, premium wetsuit that provides unequaled comfort and maximum freedom of movement. The classical, yet modern look in black with accents in white and blue, evokes the Spirit of Pioneers of Dive. The Pioneer Diving Suit combines decades of experience from enthusiastic divers, talented designers to the world’s
best neoprene developers.

  •  5/7 mm for male and female Highly elastic HyFlex neoprene
  • Anatomical 3-D cut
  • Reduced stitching
  • Covered back zipper
  • Double Seal Neck
  • Flip Seals in arms
  • Flip Seals in legs
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