RA 6.6mm Double Notch Spear Shaft

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Vendor: Rob Allen

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Rob Allen 6.6mm Double Notch Spear Shaft

The Rob Allen Rail Gun Shaft with double notch in 6.6 mm has been designed for maximum velocity for very fast moving fish. Thanks to the 6.6 mm shaft having a lighter mass than other larger shafts, this shaft allows for high acceleration out of the barrel meaning that your fish have less time to react. This shaft features a Tri-cut tip to ensure excellent fish penetration. 

This very fast spear, designed with increased hitting power is ideal for smaller reef fish or larger, soft bodied fish such as Mackerel. Engineered from ultra tough oil quenched carbon alloy spring tempered to 2100Mpa and then zinc electroplated, this shaft is then fitted with an 8cm long single flopper. The notches on the shaft are 270 degree polished wishbone notches to ensure minimum wear and tear to your Dyneema and mono filament rigging.

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