RA 7mm Double Notch

Collections: Rob Allen, Spearfishing

Product type: Shafts

Vendor: Rob Allen

Tags: Spears



Rob Allen 7mm Double Notch Spear Shaft

The Rob Allen 7mm Double Notch Shaft makes an ideal replacement shaft for your Rob Allen railgun. It features a very sharp tri-cut tip for super penetration even through thick flesh and bone. Carrying a spare shaft with you is always a smart idea as you never know exactly when you may need it particularly if you do a lot of traveling and spearing. 

We have found that that this shaft delivers best results when used with 2 x 16mm rubbers however a single 16mm, 18mm, or 20mm band depending on the length of the gun and power required may suffice. It makes a good all round choice for medium to larger fish and is designed for good speed and excellent penetration.

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