RA Breakaway Bungie w/Swivel Clip

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Rob Allen Break Away Bungee w Snap Swivel Clip

The Rob Allen Break Away Bungee is highly regarded as one of the best breakaway kits on the market today and has been specifically designed for seriously big game fishing. The Rob Allen Break Away Bungee is unique in its design and represents Rob Allen's pure dedication to perfection with spearfishing equipment. 

The Rob Allen Break Away Bungee has been designed to have your spear shaft shooting line (mono or Dyneema) attached directly to one end of the break away while the other end of the breakaway kit has two connection points: one Dyneema and one Snap Clip. The Dyneema loop simply slips over your spearguns line release, whilst the Snap Clip clips onto your rigging line back to your long line bungie and float system. The Rob Allen Break Away Bungee also assists by providing a gentle breaking action which is particularly important for bigger sounding fish and minimise's your chances of losing that once in a lifetime trophy fish. 

So how does it work? Well once the speargun is fired and the shaft leaves your speargun, the mono/Dyneema which is connected from the shaft to the Rob Allen Breakaway Kit, releases from the spearguns line release and allows your rigging line to freely and successfully follow the shaft out.

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