RA Digi 3mm Camo 2pc

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Designed for spearfishing, the Rob Allen Digi 3mm Wetsuit camouflages with it's underwater surroundings, giving you the opportunity to come closer to your prey for the perfect ambush. Created for all seasons, the Digi is a 2 piece suit which allows you to strip off the jacket in warmer water. Made from Yamamoto 39 neoprene with an open cell inner that is glued and blind stitched for maximum durability and warmth.

  • Open Cell inner, fully glued and double blind stitched
  • Hi-quality super stretchy Yamamoto 39 neoprene fabric provides maximum comfort
  • Pre-formed cut in jackets and long-johns to create a better fit and allows for greater maneuverability
  • Double layered chest loading pads and kneepads for maximum comfort and protection
  • Attached Hood
  • Includes full long-johns
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