RA Gun Cassette W Loading Butt - Complete

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Product type: Spearing Accessories

Vendor: Rob Allen

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Rob Allen Gun Cassette w Loading Butt

The Rob Allen Gun Cassette with Loading Butt has been built with the strong and dependable reliability that you come to expect from all Rob Allen products. This product has been designed to be easily removed and replaced by the spearo without the need to have to go into a dive center. 

The Rob Allen Gun Cassette w Loading Butt has been manufactured from glass filled Nylon construction with stainless steel internal parts. Replacement is a very quick and easy process too, simply remove your old Rob Allen Gun Cassette, slide out the stainless steel cotter pin which holds it in place, slip out the old cassette, slide in place your new cassette, push the stainless steel pin back in place and you're done.

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