RA Load Assist

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Rob Allen Load Assist

The Rob Allen Load Assist makes loading your speargun quicker and more importantly so much more effortless. The Rob Allen Load Assist has been designed for spearo's who may find loading their speargun difficult or near impossible. The Rob Allen Load Assist is also ideal for spearo's wanting to use bigger blue water cannons or roller head spearguns yet lacking the physical strength to load these beasts. 

For spearo's who may have trouble loading their guns due to injury or poor flexibility the Rob Allen Load Assist will definitely make the job easier. This clever tool is simple and easy to use in the water just hook the stainless steel ring onto your existing speargun wishbone and it gives you an extra foot of loading ease. This tool is just as easy to carry too and spearo's can choose whether to clip it onto their float or weight belt and for some divers you may even be able to just roll it up you arm. 

The Rob Allen Load Assist is a fantastic tool for all spearo's and for lady spearo's who may struggle to load bigger guns. The Rob Allen Load assist allows all hunters to not miss out on the fun and successfully load bigger spearguns to tackle those once in a lifetime trophy fish. Finally, it's light weight design makes it perfect for the traveling spearo too.

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