RA Loading Pad

Collections: Rob Allen, Spearfishing, Spearing Accessories

Product type: Gun Rubbers

Vendor: Rob Allen

Tags: Spearfishing Accessories



Rob Allen Loading Pad

The Rob Allen Loading Pad is flexible by design and allows you to wear it at any time and with any suit or even no suit. This chest loading pad is used to cushion the butt of the speargun on your chest while loading and provides the perfect amount of protection. It is designed to be ideal when wearing a thin or non specific spearing suit. 

The Rob Allen Loading Pad has quick release buckles designed for easy on and off and can be easily adjusted via the slides to fit various body shapes and sizes. The Rob Allen Loading pad is lightweight and easy to use making it absolutely ideal for the traveling spearo. Simply strap the Rob Allen Loading Pad onto your chest for easier, more comfortable speargun loading and no more bruises.

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