RA Neoprene Gun Sleeve

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Rob Allen Neoprene Gun Sleeve

The Rob Allen Neoprene Gun Sleeve is just the thing to safely protect and look after your speargun when it's not in use. This sleeve is ideal for the traveling spearo to help protect your speargun when you're in transit to your next spearing destination. Alternatively you can also use this neoprene speargun sleeve to safely store your speargun in at home.

 The Rob Allen Neoprene Gun Sleeve has been designed to last and will work with any brand of speargun. The Rob Allen Neoprene Gun Sleeve comes with a YKK zipper for easy access and has a handy Velcro wrap to ensure that the neoprene cover stays in place and doesn't slip. This speargun sleeve is available in two different sizes to fit your speargun: Medium or Large. The Medium size gun sleeve suits 80 cm - 110 cm spearguns and the Large size gun sleeve suits 120 cm - 140 cm spearguns.

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