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The Rob Allen Nomad Reel Speargun is a heavy duty gun that is designed to be a chameleon, with no matter where you are diving or hunting, this will be suitable. They are made from high grade aluminum which makes this gun is a great choice as it is lightweight, extremely sturdy and packs plenty of power. It is a rail gun which means that there is a rail running the length of the barrel where the spear sits in. When fired, the rail guides the spear out smoothly and perfectly straight without any wobble. Keep in mind that even though the rail keeps the spear straight, the gun is onle as accurate as the user. Coming with a 7mm shaft with a single flopper shat is engineered from a ultra tough spring steel that allows you to penetrate the largest of fish and connecting the spear to the gun is a monofilament that is rated to 180kg and this is connected to the gun bungee that sits under the barrel near the handle. Holding the mono tight against the gun when loaded is the stainless steel line release which drops the mono when the trigger is pulled to free the line. The single flopper is an extra piece of steel that loosly sits at the tip of the spear and is what holds the fish securly on the spear once it has penetrated through the fish. The flopper opens so the fish can not slide off. 


The Nomad comes equipped with a semi closed double muzzle which means that it can hold 2 rubbers at one time to give maximum power. It come standard with a single 18mm rubber however if you prefer to put twin 16mm rubbers on it you can upgrade and keep the 18mm as a spare. The 18mm will give enough power to penetrate though a large pelagic fish but have less flex so cn be a little harder to load. The 16mm twin rubber uprade will be easier to load and still give as much power.


The bridle that is part of the rubber is made from a durable dyneema that is hooked in to either notch on the top of the spear for loading. This is what holds pulls the spear out of the mechanism when the gun is fired and the rubber is what gives the power. There is a gun bungee that is a shock absorber which sits underneath the barrel and is connected to the muzzle at one end and the mono at the other end. These are made from a 10mm rubber and designed to give a bit of bounce when a fish takes off at speed with your spear. It will take pressure and strain off the gun and yourself, especially when the fish is larger with alot of power.


There is a safety catch on the handle of the gun that sits just above the trigger mechanism, this is to be used carefully and not to be relyed on. You should only load your gun when you are ready to shoot so do not load it, flick the safety on and then get ready as if the safety catch fails it could be potentially very dangerous.


The cool feature that sits the Nomad apart from the other Rob Allen spearguns is the gun reel that comes with it. The reel is situated on the bottom of the barrel just in front of the line release and has 45m of dyneema line rigged on it. The reel is there so once you have shot the fish, you do not have to fight at all as the fish will take off and take the line with it. You can then swim to the surface to catch your breath then when ready, use the reel to pull the fish in. A reel is perfect to have when hunting larger fish where you do not want to fight with yet you can also use in on small to mid sizes reef fish. The Rob Allen Nomad Reel is available in 5 sizes from 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm and 130cm. 


The general rule when purchasing a speargun and what length to get is determined on where you will use it. 90cm - 110cm and normally used in shallow reef diving as they are shorter and easier to maneuver in shallow water. 120cm - 140cm and normally used in open water aiming for the larger fish, this is due to them have a longer range which you need with bigger fish. This is a general rule though!


Product Features

  • Available in 5 lengths
  • Double Muzzle
  • Semi Closed Muzzle
  • Reel with 45M of Line
  • 18mm Rubber
  • Dyneema Bridle
  • Aluminium Barrel 1.45mm thick
  • Vecta 2 Handle
  • Rail Gun
  • Stainless Steel Line Release
  • 7mm spring steel spear
  • Double Notch Shaft
  • Comfortable Loading Butt
  • 10mm Gun Bungee
  • Monofilament Line
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Single Flopper
  • Safety Catch

 Size and Shooting Range

  • 90cm (approx 3.6m shooting range)
  • 100cm (approx 4m shooting range)
  • 110cm (approx 4.4m shooting range)
  • 120cm (approx 4.8m shooting range)
  • 130cm (approx 5.2m shooting range)

Care Instructions

  • Rinse with fresh water after every use to remove all sand and sea water
  • Keep rubbers in the freezer if not being used for long periods of time - this slows down the perishing process
  • Remove spear when cleaning and dry throughly before storing
  • Keep in a dry and safe place
  • Store in a speargun bag if possible
  • Do not load out of water
  • Do not rely on the safety catch

Extras:   When purchasing a speargun, there are a few extras that we recommend you purchase to complete you kit. A float rope and divers float are the 2 main extras. The rope is connected to the gun at handle and the other end of the rope is to be connected to the float, this will ensure you will not loose your gun by accidental dropping it, or having a fish steal it! (It does happen). A pair of gloves is another item that we recommend you purchase also. Once you have shot your fish, trying to grab it and finish the kill can be very difficult without gloves. Fish are not only slippery but also have made spikes and teeth. Gloves will prevent cuts and scratches as well as grip. Here at Dive Warehouse we are loading with information regarding spearfishing, gear and tips so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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