RA Rigid Float W Flag & Weight - (Foam Filled)

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Vendor: Rob Allen

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Rob Allen Rigid Float w Flag & Weight

Rob Allen has long been considered the industry leader in rigid float design for many years now and their complete range of rigid float's blows the competition out of the water....literally! The Rob Allen Rigid Float  has been manufactured from a tough Polyethylene shell which is then blown full with high quality PU foam for maximum lift and buoyancy. 

This process is especially formulated to Rob Allen's specific requirements and ensures that the blowing agent and catalyst used combine to harden the foam into a closed cell structure, with greatly increased density against the shell, thus increasing crush resistance for that day when your float is dragged under by a large sounding fish. The Rob Allen Rigid Float  offers greater resistance against drag from larger fish helping to wear them down sooner and make dispatching times quicker and easier. 

The Rob Allen Rigid Float is ready to go and includes two stainless steel long line clips as standard so you can easily attach your floatlines and accessories. In the past many ultra large fish have been lost by spearo's due to inadequate float systems rather than by spears breaking loose. This is why the Rob Allen Rigid Floats have been designed to be used in conjunction with a variety of add on's that enhance their performance to keep you in contact with that “once in a lifetime” trophy fish.


The design of the Rob Allen Rigid Floats provides a self upright standing design which ensures that your dive flag is always upright and highly visible. It is for these reasons that the Rob Allen Foam Filled Rigid Floats are definitely regarded as the industry leader in rigid float design.

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