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Rob Allen Roller Tuna Rail Gun

For those who may be unfamiliar with Roller guns, the Roller gun concept is actually not a new one. Their design has been in place and in use for over 60 years and for very good reason. If you don't already know, a Roller gun works a little different to the conventional rail guns on the market by giving the spearo more power, more range, more speed and zero recoil by using shorter guns to achieve these performance increases. With a standard rail gun, the rubbers generally take up approximately 30% of the barrel in there relaxed state. When pulled back to either notch at the base of the shaft it means that 30% of the loading power is lost simply by the inefficient design of the speargun. With a Roller speargun however, the rubber actually takes up the entire length of the top of the barrel and then continues down either sides of under the barrel. This ensures that the tension of the rubber starts from where the trigger is on the underside of the barrel and stretches all the way up over the roller muzzle head and back down to the shaft's notches. At the same time the issue of recoil is completely eliminated. This superior design provides the enormous extra power that you get and allows it to occur on a shorter length speargun barrel. 

The Rob Allen Roller Tuna Railgun aluminum rail barrels have the exact same dimension as the RA carbon barrels. The rail level lines up perfectly with the profile of the mechanism and the muzzle. This ensures that the integral rail is part of the barrel, thus increasing stiffness and reducing flex. This makes this gun deadly accurate. The rail barrel is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum with a wall thickness of 1.45mm and the mechanism is manufactured from glass reinforced nylon. The Rob Allen Roller Tuna Rail Gun is an impressive and highly effective gun that will perform very well on larger pelagic species and is an ideal blue water hunting gun. The roller gun comes partnered with the robust and comfortable Vecta 2 handle, stainless steel line release and world famous Rob Allen spring steel shafts.

 The Rob Allen Roller Rail gun offers minimal recoil with maximum power to take a huge range of fish. The muzzles unique line guide system and power band ensures effortless reloading, combined with stainless steel anchor points and a full band extension, the utmost accuracy and quality is guaranteed. The Rob Allen Roller Railgun is available in 5 popular sizes.

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