RA Single Rubber Muzzle

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Vendor: Rob Allen

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Rob Allen Single Rubber Muzzle
The Rob Allen Single Rubber Muzzle is manufactured from 30% glass reinforced Nylon for maximum strength, durability and long life. This process developed exclusively by Rob Allen makes their Single Rubber Muzzle extremely strong and highly durable. As the name implies the Rob Allen Single Rubber Muzzle has been designed to allow for quick and very easy reloading of a single rubber. You simply load the shaft down through the muzzle opening and onto the rail, then rig your mono/line into place and your done. 

The Rob Allen Single Rubber Muzzle is designed to fit a Single rubbers from 14 mm through to 20 mm and is deigned to be fully compatible with all models of Rob Allen spearguns. The Rob Allen Single Rubber Muzzle has also been designed to be easily swapped out at home by the diver with just basic tools. This allows spearo's to be able to re-configure and rig their spearguns to suit their preferred shooting styles with out the need to go into a dive shop for assistance.

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