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The Rob Allen Sniper Railgun is a step up in penetrating power and range from the Sparid coming fitted with a single 18 mm band.  It also comes standard without a loading butt (although this can be altered). Some say they find this a more comfortable option because the pressure on your chest while loading is dispersed over a larger area. Therefore some spearos feel the gun sits more ergonomically in the sternum.

Made of high grade aluminium so it is lightweight, the sniper is extremely sturdy and also packs plenty of power. Being a railgun means that there is a rail running the length of the barrel that the spear sits in.  Consequently, stiffness is increased with reduced flex.  When you are firing at your target, the rail guides the spear out smoothly and perfectly straight with no wobble resulting in deadly accuracy.

Coming with these guns you will find a twin notch 7 mm shaft that is engineered from ultra tough 316 spring steel with a single flopper.  Holding your fish securely onto your spear once you’ve hit it, the flopper is an extra piece of steel loosely sitting close to the tip.  Connecting the spear to the gun is a mono-filament that is rated to 180 kg.  Under the barrel near the handle, the gun bungee connects to your mono.  This then is what holds the mono tight against the gun as you load it.  When you fire it, the stainless steel line release drops the mono to free the line.

Double muzzle

Equipped with a double muzzle, your Sniper can hold 2 rubbers at one time.  It comes standard with a single 16 mm rubber but if you want more thrust to your shot, you can simply purchase another rubber.  Like things simple?  If you only like loading one rubber, remove the 16 mm rubber and purchase an 18 or 20 mm one.

Overall Features of Sniper Railgun:

* Number 1 selling railgun worldwide
* New Rob Allen Vecta II handle – the strongest, smoothest firing handle on the market today
* 7 mm double notch spring steel spear
* Double rubber muzzle
* Single 16 mm rubber with dyneema wishbone
* Ultra heavy duty snap swivel railgun bungee

Stronger and tougher
More versatile and comfortable than ever before, the Vecta II handle is the result of three years of R & D by some of the world’s best spearos. Easily the strongest, smoothest and most robust handle available, it features:
* Virtually indestructible glass filled nylon body;
* Solid laser cut 316 stainless sear for exceptional safety;
* Top mounted safety – easily deactivated using one hand and ultra comfy rubberised grip

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