RA Spinner Teaser W Flash Float

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Rob Allen Spinner Teaser With Flash Float Winder

The advent of Teasers has changed blue water hunting completely. Human visual capabilities are limited in the water and many game fish pass the spearo without even being seen. A well designed Teaser will stimulate a predator to change course and investigate it by reflecting light and emitting vibrations when “worked” in the water. This results in increased fish sightings as well as more shooting opportunities when the fish pause to look at your Teaser. 

The Rob Allen Spinner Teaser works best when combined with the Rob Allen Flash Float Winder because it gives you the added advantage of being able to choose and set the depth that you wish to have the Teaser work. We have found that Teasers should be deployed within visibility and shallow enough to allow any fish to be approached before they lose interest – usually between 6m and 12m deep. 

The Rob Flash Float Winder has been manufactured with a highly buoyant Polyurethane fill for positive buoyancy and is brightly coloured for stand out visibility on the surface. Thanks to its compact size this float is easy to carry, easy to use and easy to travel with. 

The Rob Allen Flash Float Winder comes complete with 20 meters of mono rated at 350lbs and the Rob Allen Spinner Teaser, which is your best choice in clear waters due to it's 360° flashing effect while spinning. So if you want to catch more fish, then don't get in the water without one.

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