RA Vecta Gun Reel

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Vendor: Rob Allen

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Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel

The Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel will ensure that you never lose a fish again. The Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel is manufactured from 30% glass filled Nylon for durability and strength. This reel has been reinforced with graphite filled Acetyl bushes to eliminate uneven sticking points commonly found on other brands of reels. 

The Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel has an easy to use adjustable drag feature that is fitted with a stainless steel thread on the drag nut to ensure a positive contact with your fish at all times. The Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel has a built in stainless steel line guide designed to minimize surface wear and to ensure that your shooting line will run smoothly whilst never wearing into the reel line guides.

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