RA Wishbone Tool - S.S.

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Vendor: Rob Allen

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Rob Allen Wishbone Tool - Stainless Steel

The Rob Allen Wishbone Tool in Stainless Steel is used for making your own speargun rubbers. This Rob Allen Wishbone Tool will make creating your own rubbers much easier and quicker whilst removing the hassles out of making your own bands. 

One of the greatest advantages of making your own speargun rubbers is the cost saving compared to buying pre-fabricated commercially available rubbers. What's more because you are making your own rubbers it allows you the opportunity to experiment with using different rubber lengths for varying the power, accuracy and performance of your speargun. 

The other big advantage you have when making your own rubbers is the ability to make rubbers with multiple configurations including rubber thickness, length and wishbone materials such as dyneema or stainless cable. The Rob Allen Wishbone Tool in Stainless Steel is designed to last a lifetime.

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