Safety kit with safety sausage, mirror and whistle

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Cressi Safety Kit with SMB

The Cressi Safety Kit with SMB is the perfect addition to any divers collection.

This kit comes neatly packaged in a sturdy nylon bag, with a webbing strap on the back featuring a grommet stud.  The contents of the safety kit are fastened to the bag via a webbing strap attached to a plastic D-Ring. It features an inflatable SMB (a safety sausage), a yellow whistle, and a reflective mirror. The SMB has an inflator hose nozzle to inflate.

These items are used to indicate the divers location when diving, which is especially useful if you have drifted from your original location. The fluoro yellow whistle and a reflective mirror give additional audible and visible cues to your dive boat and fellow divers, making you easier to find.


  • Orange SMB
  • Fluro Yellow Whistle
  • Reflective Mirror
  • Cressi Pouch
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