Standard Handspear rubber

Collections: Gun Rubbers, Spearfishing, Spearing Accessories

Product type: Hand Spear

Vendor: Sterling

Tags: Gun Rubbers, Spearfishing Accessories, Speargun Accessories, Speargun Parts



Also known as Hawaiian slings, hand spears allow for a simpler form of fishing. You can swim with these through water or stalk prey as you walk through shallow waters. Along with the spear’s shaft and tip, the rubber sling also plays an integral role in fishing with a hand spear.

Like with the pronged tip of the spear, the rubber sling will also wear down with time and usage. The solution is to pay for an affordable and effective rubber sling to prepare your spear for action once more. Hand spears are so appealing because you have the ability to replace the broken-down elements.

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