The Diving Photographer


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The Diving Photographer - Johan Boshoff - James Dawson - Dray Van Beeck

You have brought your new digital camera, and naturally, as a scuba diver, you want to take it underwater. Yet the unique underwater environment can make this a very challenging new hobby. The Diving Photographer is an easy-to-use guide for all levels of photographers. It will help you through all aspects of underwater photography, from buying a new camera and housing, preparing it all and setting up your equipment, all the way through to technical advice, lighting techniques and editing your photographs when you are back on land.

Some of the topics covered in this book include: Understanding your Camera, Composition Techniques, Strobe Positioning, Using Ambient Light, Photographing Wrecks, Night Photography with Long Exposure, Basic Editing Skills, Equipment Maintenance and Frequently Asked Questions


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