Thermal Mouthpiece Silicone

Collections: Dive Accessories, Scuba Diving

Product type: Reg Accessories

Vendor: Sterling

Tags: accessories, Regulator Accessories



The Mouthpiece fits all brands of regulators and modern models most other brands, except Poseidon.

Just dip the mouthpiece in hot water while holding onto the black handle, then briefly cool and place into your mouth in the proper orientation. Bite down softly for a perfect fit of your bite pattern.

Reduce jaw fatigue and increase comfort during your dives. Included is a special low-profile tie wrap that lays very flat to attach the mouthpiece to the second stage. Hard plastic bite tab retainers (pictured) allow for a better shape, but should be removed after moulding and before diving.

The mouthpiece tabs may be cut and shortened in length for smaller mouths or personal preference. The mouthpiece may be heated and shaped again, but at this great price we suggest a full replacement instead

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