Vanquish Carbon Barrell

Collections: Ocean Hunter, Spearfishing

Product type: Spearing Accessories

Vendor: Ocean Hunter

Tags: Speargun Parts



This Barrel was born out of the need to create a Speargun that could handle anything thrown at it.

For the dedicated Spear fishers that don’t recognize borders or limitations to finding that once in a life time fish. More of us are searching the world looking for remote uncharted waters and BIG game-fish.

We wanted to develop a Barrel that was reliable, accurate, stable and packed a punch, but most importantly easy to travel with and could be used for anything from Dogtooth Tuna to snapper, Coral trout and whiting.

  • 120cm Barrel (more sizes to come)
  • 65mm wide at widest point
  • 100% molded Carbon Barrel
  • HD foam filled and sealed
  • 860grams un-ballasted
  • Works with Rob Allen and Ocean Hunter components along with many other manufacturers components with no modification.
  • Comfortably floats an 8mm shaft setup with roller head and reel
  • Can be fine-tuned with ballast system for any spear and band setup.
  • High density sealed foam filled core reduces vibration, noise and recoil offering a very stable shooting platform for high powered roller and traditional multi band setups
  • Carefully designed and tested barrel shape, increases stability. Ensures stable tracking and accurate shots.
  • Beautiful gloss carbon twill finish
  • Incredibly strict Quality Control parameters, every barrel is individually inspected and tested against a strict series of tolerance points before it is signed off and ready for sale.
  • Limited Life Time warranty against manufacturing and material faults.
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